Oliver's, with excellent staff and resources, will organize a thorough, quick and efficient auction sale. Auction conducted by a bonded and licensed auctioneer. All sale proceeds are handled through an escrow account. In most cases, there are no up-front costs to the consignor.

Typical auction preparation activites:


  • Determine best location for auction (e.g., on site, public facility, gallery)
  • Pack and move merchandise to auction location
  • Photograph, research, catalog items to be sold
  • Advertise the auction, via various media, to world market
  • Setup, display items to be sold for public viewing


  • Preview of items prior to auction sale
  • Registration of bidders
  • Sale of the items. Absentee, Phone, and Internet online bidders are welcomed
  • Check-out and process payments of successful bidders


  • Site clean-up
  • Packing and shipping items to successful absentee bidders
  • Accounting and payment to consignor in 30 days or less