Andrew H. Green Estate & Antiques Auction

Session V
Stamps, Coins & Money

This auction features postal ephemera from the 1790s up, and was not a collection as such, but rather an accumulation of generations of the Green families correspondence. This collection has never seen the light of day; most all stamped covers have contents. Starting with a 9x1, and half a local carrier 1 Dupuy & Schenck, 4 Sc #1 Franklins with jumbo margins on cover, one with and early R.R. Cancel All with Weiss Certs.. There is a wide sampling of 1851 1 and 3 including, carrier covers, #s10a, 25, 26a, and a #11 3 due with a Mass Commonwealth document. We have blackjacks in carrier, and locals. A unique set of 3 covers #64 Pink, 64a Pigeon Blood, and #64 Rose Pink all one town, Pestigo, Wisc. All with Weiss Certs. We have 2 books of mini covers, 4 books of fancy cancels (19 each book), most of the 1800s to the banknotes of high value single stamps in used fine to very fine condition, including an SC #99 split grill, also a lime green cancel on #114 Weiss Cert. There are 13 boxes of 100 to 200 covers from 1851 to 1930s in each box. In Foreign covers (All high value covers are Weiss Cert.) we offer 4 Chili, 3 bisects from the mid 1850s, high value covers from Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, and Swiss with multiple use stamps, and cancels with contents. Also, early India, and Ceylon, with 'too late' auxs., precanceled pen script cancel on stamps for theft protection with contents from Dr. Green a Baptist Minister, and a collection book of post cards, used and unused, plus a small set of British, and Ceylon used stamps, and 2 shoe boxes of foreign covers. For sale hundreds of stampless covers starting with 2 books of 65, and 27 Stampless Hand Carried Maritime Ships Mail to/from Worcester to Canton, and Whampoa Missionary in China describing daily life from 1843 to 1847. many interesting stories. One cover is addressed to 'Dr. Green Atlantic Ocean near the Equator'. We have many Stampless Maritime Ship Mail, Steamships,and Ship with numerals, some Inland Waterways, including ships names,Way Mail, Straight Line, Manuscript Town Postmarks, Franklin Marks, Local Carrier Marks,Postmaster Free covers, a collection of South Carolina mail from Post Master Samuel Green to his son at Rhode Island College (Brown Univ.) from 1799 to 1824. 250 stampless covers in 25 booklet lots, 10 to a lot of N.E. Towns. Finally there are some Free Frank President, and President to President Covers, such as Washington to Monroe, Monroe to Madison, Gen. Jackson to Monroe, Jefferson to Monroe, etc. Click on Andrew H. Green Estate Auction, Session IV and reference lots 109 -117 for letter contents.

Saturday, September 11, 2010
Preview: 8AM - 10AM
Auction: 4PM
(or immediately after Session IV)

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